Startup, first day!

The first day of my business.
First thing is write cautions for myself.
I think that last night.
Here is the list:

  1. earn at least 240$ per month;
  2. upgrade my network to 4MB;
  3. keep recite English 30min per day;
  4. keep exercise everyday;
  5. outdoor at least 2 hour per day;
  6. keep communicate with family/peers/friends;
  7. learn from others like nathanbarry/phillip.wu;
  8. to make business work fine, the combination of  design, program, promotion is important, please always pay attention to combination, each one of them get bad, the whole business is dead.
  9. another thing  i will face is how to overcome the problems i meet. like marketing, server hacked, website put on a record etc.

1-5 are dead things, can be quantified.

6-9 are more difficult, these are need to quantified by more factors.

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