29 precious dogs died in Guangxi, CHINA

August 4, 2010, Liuzhou, Guangxi Institute of Public Security police dogs bases (the other card is: Dragon City Liuzhou City Public Security Bureau Security dog base) 31 dogs eating called “Sodium PCP,” the de-worming medicine has been 29 luxurious dog died, including nine German Shepherd, Tibetan Mastiff 8, Bear 5, Norway, Namibia 4, Kunming Dog 2, a Labrador dog, all for the feeding of adult dogs 2-6 years . The anthelmintic by the dogs based in Liuzhou City Distribution Division South Willow veterinary buy drugs display shows 3-7 mg per kilogram of body weight taken, police dogs, said base staff is follow the instructions displayed on the dosage dogs taking. From August 2 until August 4, 31 dogs, after taking the de-worming medicine has gradually died with 29 dog-breeding, which left a Norwegian dog dog dying is satisfied, there is a dog because dogs fed sodium Norway drive insecticide after vomiting out, there is no sign of poisoning. Currently, relevant departments have investigated 29 dead dogs have also been gradually decay, and are prepared for the destruction of animal health supervision departments.


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